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Ahoy ye knaves and scallywags, I reckon ye be here to investigate the racket that this here game has stirred up in homes across the seven seas. Yes, Skull King be the cause of the commotion, and I fear that thar be no cure for the uproar it’s created.

With its addictive mechanics, and compelling strategy, it’s spreading faster than the black plague from crew to crew. I warn ye, if ye give in to the urge to try this here game, ye’ll have a hard time leaving it be. For once ye choose the Skull King’s path, it’s one ye shant ever leave.

Still here? I see that ye haven’t heeded my warning, that means ye’ve got guts, spirit, and a bit of a rebellious flair. Those skills will serve ye well in this, the grandest trick taking game thar be.

In Skull King, yer objective is to win the number of tricks that ye bid each round. A trick is when every player lays down one card, with the highest card taking them all. Thar be cards high, low, and many in between, and yer task each round is to figure how many tricks ye reckon ye’ll win with the cards ye’ve been dealt.

Once decided, players reveal the number of tricks they'll bid by pounding their fists in unison on the table with a hearty Yo-Ho-Ho! On the final count, each player extends their fingers, revealing their bid, and the fun begins!

If ye win the number of tricks ye set out to take, then ye are awarded points. If ye fail to capture enough, or take too many, ye’ll lose points instead. Don’t ye dare think for a moment the other blaggards shall make it easy for ye, every rounds a battle, and ye best enter prepared to fight!

This newly revised version of the game includes the original game, beloved by pirates world-wide, and new expansion cards and rules (included with the game) that elevate Skull King to a higher level of strategy and scheming.

Mermaids, Loot cards, and the fearful Kraken add intrigue, as do the new, optional powers bestowed upon each of the five pirates. A revised, and adjustable scoresheet now lets ye play the game how you like it best.

Gather yer crew (and some snacks) and sharpen yer swords - thar be the smell of battle on the wind, will ye rise to he challenge?