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All manner of plush and squish
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  • TY Puffies: Harmonie the Unicorn
  • Lil' Handful Kittens
  • TY Puffies: Tabitha the Cat
  • Fantasia Ty Beanie Boo
  • Portia Ty Beanie Boo
  • TY Puffies: Coconut the Monkey
  • TY Puffies: Colby the Mouse
  • Squishable Spooky Ghost
  • Frankie Fox
  • Ari Ty Beanie Boo
  • Chewey Ty Beanie Boo
  • Dangler Beanie Boo
  • Gilda Ty Beanie Boo
  • Corgi PJ Pup
  • Cuddly Teether Penguin
  • Dilly Dachshund