Ro-Sham-Bo Toddler Color-Changing Sunglasses: Wonka

Ro-Sham-Bo Toddler Color-Changing Sunglasses: Wonka

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"Don't forget what happened to the kid who suddenly got everything he wanted... he lived happily ever after." - Willy Wonka.

These color changing toddler shades magically transform from clear to purple when exposed to the sun. Kind of like Violet Beauregaurde turning into a blueberry! #lifehack tip: if your frames change color, it's also time to put on sunscreen!

These color changing frames are non-scientifically tested to be the raddest shades in the universe.

Check it out:
-Polarized lenses: 100% UVA/B/C protection and shatter resistant, with added glare reduction to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes
-Made in Italy like your designer shades, and assembled in USA
-Material is specially designed with babies in mind: durable, flexible, ultra light, and comfortable. soft and safe for little faces, hands and mouths.
-Nearly indestructible: We dare you to break these color changing toddler shades!
-Certified BPA, lead, and latex free. small parts tested as safe for babies.
-We mold our logos into our design to eliminate unnecessary paint.
-These color changing shades are so light they can float!
-Most importantly, you are helping support autism charity with every purchase.
-The toddler size fits ages 2-4 years, depending on head size. The flexible material gives lots of room to grow!