Aquarellum: Tree of Life

Aquarellum: Tree of Life

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Aquarellum art kits are perfect for anyone who loves to paint and color! Aquarellum paper has wax on it which is hydrophobic! Just paint any color you want on the picture and the wax lines repel the water leaving a perfectly colored painting every time!

3 ready-to-paint magic canvases 12.8” x 9.8”

9 washable and non-toxic watercolors

1 hand made wooden paintbrush

1 pipette

1 palette to mix and create a range of colors

1 guide to understand the wonderful colors of the rainbow

8 years and older

Duration of activity 2-4 hrs

Want to see Aquarellum in action? Watch this video by our friends at Sentosphere to see how it works!